Chemin de la Parouquine/RN7, ANTIBES

Construction of a residential apartment block


- 60 apartments 50% public, 50% private
- One level of underground parking
- 9 887 m² gross floor area

Current project

On the property is presently built a single building "LE CHRYS HOTEL" with a capacity of 30 rooms. It is composed of a basement, a ground floor, a 1st floor, 2nd floor of a smaller area and in the garden, a swimming pool. This unit is scheduled for demolition to allow the construction of the project.
The surrounding area, largely covered with trees, is mostly made up of collective housing and some older houses.

In the project it is proposed to build two buildings each on a single ground floor including equally, private sector housing and public housing.
The architectural part retained is essentially characterised by the creation of contemporary architecture of the same appearance for both public and private sector areas.