Avenue de Mozart, ANTIBES

Construction of the space "Ours Polaires" and "Abysses" ("Polar Bear" and "Abyss")


The architectural project consists of:
- Compliance of the entire park to persons with reduced mobility standards;
- Creation of new attractions "CHEVAL GALOPANT" and "PETIT TRAIN" (“horse rides” and “train rides”) with "Far West" decorations;
- Development of a new playground;
- Creation of the space "OURS POLAIRES" (“polar bears”) :
     - A building on two levels with access ramp and service areas
     - Two zones "ESPACE OURS" enclosure for bears, outdoors with pools and waterfalls
     - A gateway from the killer whale pool above fire brigade passage
     - A "bear maternity" building on one level.
- Creation of the "ABYSSES" (deep sea space)

Project completed

The famous animal theme park in Antibes, of 19.7 hectares, is home to Marineland, the Farm of the Far West, Aquasplash and the Mini-Golf.

The bears’ area is treated in the style of Marinelandpark. The outdoor structures are created with pools and imitation rocks. The building housing the bears, in elongated polygonal shape, will be covered by a roof terrace and will have overhead lighting. The stands are covered by a structure supporting stretched canvas seats. The building of locker rooms and toilets is covered by a planted terrace.