Avenue de Verdun, ANTIBES

Construction of a public parking lot

Lauréat des European Parking Awards 2015, Prix Spécial du Jury catégorie "Nouveau Parking"

- 600 places
- 12,200 m² gross floor area

Project under construction

Construction of an underground parking of 3 levels buried under "le Pré aux Pêcheurs" pedestrian friendly place where the famous Antiques fair of Antibes is held.
Its capacity will be 571 slots, 10 places for commercial vehicles and 15 places for two-wheelers in the 1st basement.
The pedestrian entrances and exits are through a kiosk located near the Porte Marine and through a structure located in the western end of the Curtain of the Ramparts.
The proposed project has the objective of minimising the impact of constraints necessary for the functioning of the underground parking, in order to:
- Respect the Courtain and the umbrella pines lined along the “Avenue de Verdun”
- Provide an unobstructed view of the port and the “Fort Carré”