Chemin des QuatreChemins, ANTIBES

Construction of a residential apartment block

- 123 apartments 35% social, 65% private
- 1 or 2 levels of underground parking
- 19 370 m² gross floor area

Project under construction

The land is located in a heterogeneous urban composed of : buildings with 3 to 5 floors, the hospital Fontonne, some individual villas, hotels and shops.
Three buildings are proposed, whose heights range from G+3 to G+4. The levels are set back according to the slope of the land.
Buildings A& B will consist of 68 apartments from the private sector and 15 apartments from public housing. Building C will have only public housing apartments.
The part retained was to create a contemporary architecture of façades. Lighter shades of grey will be used contrasting with elements is a darker grey. The volume of the buildings, the setback of the balconies and glass railings allow a pleasant integration into the surrounding environment.