Boulevard du Cap, CAP d’ANTIBES

Reconstruction of a heritage villa in the Cap d'Antibesin a park of 15 000 m²


- 9 guest rooms
-Indoor pool, sauna, hammam, fitness room
- Movie theatre, panic room, billiard room

- 2 864 m² gross floor area

- Secondary house : post of security, Laundry, Boiler room, Housing of the staff

Architecte - Paysagiste: Agence Alain FARAGOU


Project under construction

This property that was abandoned went through a partial demolition and reconstruction without official authorisation and the architect Jean Foussat was asked to take action for repairing the disorder. Mandatory instructions : filing for building permits and reconstruction of property identical to the tradition of “Jane Andrée” from the period of Aga Khan.
At the heart of the property of “Jane Andrée”, in a flat area without major slope is created the building designed as a main residence. Part of the remarkable architectural heritage of the city of Antibes, it have to be preserved and maintained in its original state.
The surrounding environment consists of detached villas located mostly on large areas of land where the plant environment consists mainly of pine trees.

By measure of confidentiality, the plans of the construction can not be spread on the site.