Avenue Jules Grec / Chemin de Beauvert, ANTIBES

Construction of an apartment block for use as public housing


- 68 apartments
- One level of underground parking
- 13 712 m² gross floor area

Project completed

The project objectives are to participate in the urban restructuring of the avenue Jules Grec and to propose a programme of rental housing financed by a loan assisted by the government, of good quality and environment-friendly.
The general layout is organised around three different buildings. Each of the three buildings marks and limits the extent of the public domain. The hall of each building is directly accessible from the public domain.
The goal is to participate in the HQE process and obtain the THPE label (Very High Energy Performance). Several features are implemented to achieve these goals: all the apartments of more than two rooms have a double exposure, no living room is mono north facing, solar water heaters are installed on each building.
The general composition of the facade is generated by the intersection of horizontal sills of windows and balconies with vertical lines of all the loggias located in front of bare main façades. The openings are equipped with sliding shutters participating in the animation of the facades.